Duotone Grip

Duotone Grip

Rather than creating special onshore, sideshore or even asymmetric boards that only work in very limited conditions/spots, Duotone have developed 2 boards the Grip 3 and Grip 4 to cover all conditions. Developed by PWA Wave World Champion Victor Fernandez and the highest-ranked future Wave Champ contender Marc Paré, in conditions varying from jumping-oriented side-on spots like Pozo to the down-the-line groundswell found in places like Hookipa.

Which one is for you:

  • The GRIP 3 has a marginally better acceleration due an efficient rocker with a lower-drag entry, which is especially helpful in jumping conditions. The Thruster fin configuration allows for earlier tail release for tighter/slashier turns, even in non ideal waves and will suit any location found around the UK.
  • The GRIP 4 with its Quad fin configuration gives you maximum drive and grip for committed rail to rail turns, even in XXL waves. Probably suits those people who don’t let on where they go sailing and know what works in those locations.

Grip 3 SLS - Available in 79, 85, 95, 108 @ £2299.00

Grip 3 D/Lab - Available in 85, 95 @ £2549.00

Grip 4 SLS - Available in 60, 69, 76, 81, 87, 93, 99, 107 @ £2299.00

Grip 4 D/Lab - Available in 76, 81, 87 @ £2549.00

To Check Sizes and Availability please contact us. 

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