Duotone Super Hero M Plus 5m 2021 Used

Duotone Super Hero M Plus 5m 2021 Used

Duotones Lightweight Super Hero and.. it is light. The sail is half a kilo lighter than a std. SH 5m , so that is a heck of a difference. See the VID below for the sail in action.

The sail is in good condition and the only fault we can find is an area of 'crinkling' in the X-Ply, where the head rolls (see pics). 

Mast 400cm IMCS19 RDM. Luff 405cm  Boom 167cm

Duotone said this about the M Plus..

For the fetishists among the specialists, the SUPER HERO by Victor Fernandez is now available as a limited edition M.PLUS in ultralight high-tech membrane construction.

The membrane body is manufactured by a highly specialized yacht-sail producer from New Zealand on computer-controlled manufacturing plants. The aim was to achieve maximum weight savings in addition to improved durability compared to membrane sails available to date.


Using the experience from yachting we use a 20% thicker special monofilm and a higher adhesive content. On the first film layer Dyneema fibers are laid out by a plotter following exactly the force directions. The exact course was defined in advance by computer simulation by the designer and the manufacture. Subsequently, the upper layer is applied and compacted in a vacuum process before the adhesive is activated under heat. Two of the four batten pockets are directly laminated into the body during this process.


The result is a 20% (= 600 g) lighter high-end SUPER HERO, whose lower weight is clearly noticeable, especially during maneuvers. Never before has a wave sail been so light and loose in the hand and so neutral during wave sailing, especially since the membrane gives the sail a pleasant-elastic feeling and thus especially in the underpowered wind range improves the performance. Apart from that the range of use and basic character do not differ from the regular SUPER HERO.

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