Carbon Wing Foiling Foil from the Swiss company Ensis. Supplied with a carry bag and wing protectors.

See description 2 for Full specs.

Ensis say..

Unlimited carving, playful and with ultra pop!

The ENSIS INFINITY Wing foil is engineered for ambitious discoverers to experts looking for a maximum performance in freeride, freestyle and wave. The INFINITY is easy to control and offers excellent manoeuverability and agility. It shows a unique performance spectrum from its surface area, offering a great maximum speed whilst maintaining an amazing low-end lift. Two of the impressive characteristics of this foil are; the control you have whilst carving tight turns, and the pop it achieves in take-offs. The INFINITY Wing foil is the perfect mix of playfulness and control to push your limits. It is time to dance and play on the water!

Sizes: 1100, 1400, 1800 (all supplied with the 265 Stab, 82cm Mast and a 70cm Fuselage)


Max. performance for lighter riders

Max. strong wind performance for medium riders

Freeride, Freestyle, Wave

Wing sizes: 1.8 – 5.2 m2

Rider weight: 45 – 80 kg

Wind range: 12 – 45 knts


For medium riders in a wide wind range

Max. strong wind performance for heavier riders

Freeride, Freestyle, Wave

Wing sizes: 2.5 – 6.2 m2

Rider weight: 50 – 100 kg

Wind range: 10 – 30 knts


Max. low wind performance for light, medium riders

Max. performance for heavier riders

Wing sizes: 2.5 – 6.9 m2

Rider weight: 75 – 115 kg

Wind range: 8 – 20 knts

Product tabs

  • Description 2

    Front Wing Area

    1100 cm2

    1400 cm2

    1800 cm2

    Front Wing Wingspan

    800 mm

    900 mm

    1000 mm

    Front Wing Profile

    19 mm

    20 mm

    22 mm

    Back Wing Area

    265 cm2

    265 cm2

    265 cm2

    Back Wing Wingspan

    425 mm

    425 mm

    425 mm


    70 cm

    70 cm

    70 cm


    82 cm Carbon High modulus TP

    82 cm Carbon High modulus TP

    82 cm Carbon High modulus TP

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