ENSIS Score Limited Edition Wing


ENSIS Score Limited Edition Wing


Year: 2023

Inflatable Wing System for use with Foil boards or SUP boards.

Six sizes available to suit all wind conditions.


Stiff and durable X-PLY canopy.The X-PLY material is stiffer than traditional canopy and is built under tension for the most stable profile. This canopy is highly durable and is ideal for material-intensive conditions such as in the waves. 

X-PLY for open vision.In a crowded spot or a race you benefit of the open vision thanks to the X-PLY canopy.

 Thin high-pressure frame.The Hookipa fabric used allows an air pressure of 10-12 PSI and thus a thinner diameter. This makes the frame ultra-stiff resulting in an incredibly stable profile.

Comfort and firm grip Handles.The unique egg-shaped cross-section and rather small diameter provide a firm grip and comfort for small and large hands.

 ENSIS Click Fix mounting system. The ENSIS Click Fix mounting system allow a ultra-rigid connection to the strut. Several reinforcements in the strut ensure a durable, tearproof attachment of the mounting plate to the strut.

ENSIS, the Wing Foiling company from Switzerland, have now come up with a very expensive X-Ply Wing for your pleasure. It may seem to be pushing the boundaries of value for fun but they say you only need two of these Wings to cover the wind range of three normal constructed Wings and what is far more important.. is that they also look really nice! 

Ensis say... Our wings are known for their high performance. The SCORE Limited Edition will simply blow you off your feet with its power, speed and yet easy manoeuvrability. The pure bliss, when you fly at full speed over the water and a jump catapults you far into the sky. The X-PLY canopy material combined with the Hookipa fabric used for the leading edge allows an ultra-stiff profile resulting in instant power. The perfectly placed innovative, rigid handles add to the high responsiveness and direct steering. And yet, the SCORE Limited Edition feels light and balanced in your hand while flying. When racing with friends or competing for medals in course races, the radical upwind and downwind angles and the big wind range will thrill you. The ENSIS SCORE Limited Edition is for any ambitious rider who wants to feel pure performance and the highest quality.

Instant power: The exceptionally high rigidity of the wing transforms the rider’s movement into an immediate response, generating instant power and forward momentum.

Radical angles in races:The thin and rigid profile allows for extreme up- and downwind angles. Leave your mates behind you!

Light and balanced while flying:

The enormous power generated by the wing is steady and feels comfortable in your hands. Let yourself be surprised by how light and balanced the SCORE Limited Edition feels while flying!

Easy in manoeuvres:

The wing reacts very quickly and only develops power when it is needed. Manoeuvres are easily and effortlessly performed.

Great hangtime and balanced surfing in waves:

The stiff and durable X-PLY offers incredible lift, providing a long hangtime for all jumping enthusiasts. The ultra-rigid profile lets the wing fly like a friend at your side.

Ergonomic rigid handles:

The rigid handles are perfectly positioned on the strut and offer firm and ergonomic grip for direct steering and extended sessions. The rounded corners spare your equipment. The innovative ENSIS Click Fix mounting system offers the perfect option for flying with a harness.

Large wind range:

The instant power and direct steering allow flying in very little wind. The rigid frame and profile lead to steady and highly controlled flying in stormy conditions.

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    Sizes:  3.5 - 4.0 - 4.5 - 5.2 - 6.2 - 6.9m

    Note. 2.8m to follow. Please ask for specs!

    Suggested Windspeed usage:

    3.5m 12-45kts

    4.0m 10-35kts

    4.5m 8-32kts

    5.2m 7-30kts

    6.2m 5-25kts

    6.9m 5-22kts

    Colours: Only in Orange/White

    Wing is Supplied with a Carry Bag.

    Price £ Wing Only

    2.8m £1649.00

    3.5m £1699.00

    4.0m £1749.00

    4.5m £1799.00

    5.2m £1899.00

    6.2m £1999.00

    6.9m £2099.00


    Pump with Gauge for correct pressure £36.95

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