Ezzy Cross Foil and Freeride Sail

Ezzy Cross Foil and Freeride Sail

The Ezzy Cross is just as the name suggests, it's a Foiling come Freeride sail!  Suitable for Crossover Wind-foiling and as an all round fun Freeride Windsurf Sail. The sail design is a little odd in the smaller sizes but sometimes 'odd works' and in this case, it does. What more could you ask for! Ezzy say...

What is the Cross? A high performance sail for windsurfing and windsurf foiling.

 What inspired the Cross? David Ezzy needed one sail that would satisfy his two loves, foiling and windsurfing. He took what he learned from the past 4 years of foiling and combined it with his 40 years of wave and freeriding to come up with the Cross.

 How does the Cross compare to last year’s Hydra and Hydra Pro? The Cross is much lighter weight compared to the Hydras with similar stability, speed, and handling while being much better for fin freeriding.

 How does it compare to the Cheetah? The Cross is maneuverable and light in the hands, providing a bump-n-jump freeride experience, where as the Cheetah provides a locked-in freeride experience. For high wind freeriding, we recommend the 4.7 Cross as the next size below the 5.5 Cheetah.

How does the Cross achieve high performance for both foiling and regular windsurfing? The Cross can be rigged flat with a shallow yet defined profile for foiling OR rigged full with a deep, forward profile for freeride and bump’n’jump. The settings are easy to see with our calibrated downhaul gauge.

 What else? David realized that the traditional method of scaling sails resulted in boom lengths that are too short on the small sails. Which is why small sails under 4.0 usually have an on/off feeling. The Cross addresses this by keeping the boom length the same for the 4.7 and smaller. This smooths out the smaller sizes and gives them excellent stability not only on the foil but also for regular windsurfing. This eliminates the need to purchase a shorter boom for the smaller sizes.

 Why buy the Cross? The Cross works great as a stand-alone foil or windsurf sail. If you do both, the Cross will reduce the number of sails in your quiver.

Sizes. 2.8 / 3.4 / 4.0 / 4.7 / 5.2 / 5.7 /  6.7 / 8.0m

Note. 2.8m to 4.0m are To Order Only. Please Call.

Colours: Orange. White/Green

See Description 2 for sail specs. Click Here to see More on the Ezzy Website


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