Ezzy Lion

Ezzy Lion

6 - 7* Batten 0-2 Cammed High Tension Outhaul Freeride Sail

* 6 battens on 6.0 - 6.5 - 7.0m

Suitable for RDM and SDM masts. Can be used as a No Cam - Single Cam - Twin Cam.


Twin Roller Spilt cams provide great light wind power and high wind control. Supplied with RDM and SDM Cam sets

Narrow mast sleeve doesn’t fill with water, making water starts easy.

Calibrated rigging guide gives precise tuning for better performance.

Ezzy cam system will fit any RDM or SDM mast made in the past 20 years.

RBS epoxy battens are stronger and stiffer than vinyl-ester battens.

Lighter Weight due to the 2020 Window panel and Scrim patching to reduce the sails Wet weight.

Every Lion is rigged, then tamed :) and thoroughly checked over in the factory.

Colours: Orange, Blue

Size.    6.0m  6.5m   7.0m   7.5m   8.0m  8.5m   9.5m   

Please note. A proportion of the profit of every Ezzy sail sold goes to help schools in Sri Lanka.

The Lion is the Power Freeride sail from Ezzy. Designed to get your board up and onto the plane as early as possible and then be as quick across the water as you would want it to be! The sails are equiped with the Ezzy Calibrated Downhaul system and Cam sets are supplied to fit both RDM (as fitted from Factory) or SDM masts. New for 2022 is the addition of an 8m sizing and again a reduction in the weight the rider 'feels' when sailing, which has been achieved by the use of scrim material for patching rather than the water absorbent Dacron type to reduce the sails WET weight (dry weights have not altered that much) The Lions main claim to fame is that it is still 'probably' the only sail available that offers no-cam, single cam or twin cam set up.. so this One does it all! Ezzy say..

Are you an expert sailor looking for high performance, fast freeride?Then the Lion is for you.

What makes the Lion special compared to other cambered sails?Unlike many wide-sleeved, cambered sails on the market, the Lion's sleeve is narrow to make waterstarting and uphauling easy. Even with this narrow sleeve, the Lion will work with any mast: RDM, SDM, and everything in between. The Lion comes with cams for the Ezzy RDM masts already installed, and you will find extra cams included in the Lion's bag that will fit any mast made in the last 25 years.

Can you remove the cams on the Lion? Yes, the Lion can be run as a two cam, single cam, or no-cam sail.

What's new about the 2022 Lion?

1) Faster, 2) More stable, and 3) Lighter.

What else is new?

Less shape below the boom reduces profile drag making the Lion more “slippery” through the air. A deeper profile above the boom gives earlier planing and stability. New scrim reinforcements reduce weight by not absorbing water.

What is the difference between the Lion and Cheetah?

Overall, the top speed of the Lion and Cheetah are similar. Stability is the main benefit of the cams. The extra stability comes with the trade-off that rigging the Lion requires more steps. In the jibes, the cams mean that the Lion keeps driving, allowing an expert windsurfer to transfer that power to the rail. Without cams, the Cheetah, on the other hand, is more neutral in the jibe, which makes it flip to the new side more easily.


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    LIONLuffLuffBoomBoomNo. ofSuggested MastWeight
    Size (sq.m.)Min (cm)Max (cm)Min (cm)Max (cm)BattensLength / MCS / IMCSKilogram
    6.04454481841906430 / 25 / 214.03
    6.54554581911986430 / 25 / 214.23
    7.04664691972056460 / 25 / 254.36
    7.54774802062137460 / 25 / 254.83
    8.04854882142227460 / 25 / 255.02
    8.55005032222307490 / 26 / 295.16
    9.55135162312397490 / 26 / 295.50
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