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TAKA- Semi-Soft Sail Wave Sail


• 3/4 Batten length, making the sail smoothly depower and re-power as you sheet in and out. Perfect when wave riding.

• Lighter weight but stronger build from 2021.

• Greater high-end control.

• Fantastic low-end get you going power..

• Wide wind range, so fewer sails required in a quiver.

• Very stable in a straight line.

• Also suitable for Foiling! 

The Taka 1 was a long awaited sail for those that had loved the semi-soft sails of the late eighties.. but some found it 'difficult'.

The Taka 2 brought the sail up to date.. for a world where sailors are not just happy to get out on a board and ride waves.. the aerials are also important now..

The Taka 3.. we thought you really needed to be a 'wave head' to get the best out of this sail but it seemed that by the Mk4 anyone could use a Taka and have a Great Days Sailing. The Mk5 had a smoother power flow and just felt a little more balanced. 

So next the Mk6. Main changes were the 'goodbye' to the long lived and much loved Ezzy Vinyl window panel (many a sail survived damage due to the shock absorbtion of this panel) and in came a new Dyneema reinforced panel which meant the 4.7m had the same physical weight as the Mk5 4.1m.

The Mk7 had a different look due to the new panel layout. There were a few minor 'tweaks' for the new version but as with all Ezzy sails, the tweaks continue through the production life of a sail (if they find a problem or they can improve, the sails are changed.

As for the NEW Mk8..apart from the two new colours how much better could it be?? Ezzy say... 

Every few years, the sail's evolution makes a great leap forward. Lighter, more stable, and quicker to get going, the current Taka is a whole new species compared to previous models. Compared to previous versions of the Taka, we changed the vinyl window to a low-stretch, Dyneema enforced film that better transfers gusts of wind into board speed while at the same time making the Taka more stable in high wind. Like in previous models, the Taka has 3 full battens and a 3/4 batten that allows the sail to luff, which means that it de-powers when sheeted out or rotated into the wind, making the sail go completely neutral in maneuvers. Surprisingly, the luffing also makes the Taka an ideal sail for learning how to foil.

We need a sail that is effortlessly maneuverable while wave riding but still stable and powerful in a straight line. We need a sail that will withstand the bomb set wave as it breaks on our head. We need a sail that we can trust not to break, especially when the conditions are critical. We need a sail built 100% for waves with no compromise in performance or durability. This is the sail we choose for easy backloops, wave 360’s, and double forwards. Performance is not just about easy tricks, so the Taka accelerates early and has a massive low-end wind range. Many wave sessions require a sail that can adapt to dropping winds—we all know that the best wave sessions are the ones when the wind drops and everyone else has come in.

Wave sailing is our heritage, and the Taka is the expression of our passion, built for everyone that loves the feeling of bottom turning and flying above the lip’s spray.


The Taka has 3 and 3/4 battens. The 3/4 batten allows the sail to luff, which means that it can easily go from full to flat. This is important for many aspects of wave sailing. This allows the Taka to be extra powerful when you’re pumping into a wave or trying to get a jump while also able to go flat and hyper-manouevrable when riding a wave or flying through the air. This is most noticeable in bottom turns that are more vertical, backloops that are easier to land, and freestyle rotations that effortlessly.


The Taka is built from state-of-the-art materials that use technology learned from the aerospace and military industries to keep weight as low as possible while still providing 100% performance.


The Taka is built to withstand the daily beatings that a hardcore wave sail must endure, like big waves, sharp rocks, and coral reefs.


When the conditions are good, you want to get on the water as fast as possible and have your sail rigged perfectly. Traditionally, this is a tradeoff. But with the Taka's calibrated rigging, you can tune your downhaul in seconds. Each and every sail is rigged and calibrated in the Ezzy Sails factory. Simply, downhaul till the bottom of your mast lines up with the desired setting: Max, Mid, Min 1, or Min 2 (for extra light winds).

Take all of the above, through in a bit more rider feedback and you have the Mk8 Taka. A living Legend.

*Note. To use the Ezzy Downhaul Indicator (PDS) their own mast should be used or the dimensions must match exactly if another brand.. but the sails will rig visually on nearly any RDM mast.

Colours:   Blue. Yellow

Sizes.    3.8m  4.1m  4.5m  4.7m  5.0m  5.3m  

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    Size   Luff cm- Boom cm   Mast (base/top) Weight

    3.8m 367 - 371  133 / 143cm  340/370 2.55kg

    4.1m 377 - 381  140 / 151cm  370/370 2.75kg

    4.5m 388 - 392  148 / 159cm  370/400 2.89kg

    4.7m 394 - 398  152 / 163cm  370/400 2.96kg

    5.0m 400 - 404  156 / 167cm  370/400 3.03kg

    5.3m 413 - 417  162 / 172cm  400/400 3.15kg

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