Ezzy Wave Mk 3

Ezzy Wave Mk 3

The Ezzy Wave Mk 3: Released 2023 in 3 bright bold colours, has a larger window and is even lighter.

The latest series of Ezzy Wave was first released in late 2019 (if only we knew what was coming along in 2020..) and was an instant success.  The previous Elite Wave had been a really good sail but the Wave took it up another level. Design was a mix between a fully battened sail and the semi-soft short battened (the Taka ). The combination brought a far better experience for thr rider when wishing to depower the Wave but at no loss to the sails power output or stability, through all aspects of wave riding and jumping. The Mk 3 version has been 'pushed' even further into a mix of the two sail types but leaving a large enough difference between the Wave and Taka to keep Taka riders 'happy'. For 2023 there is also a larger window, which has brought a better view for the rider and further reduced the sails weight, as weight can be King in some riders eyes.. or perhaps hands. The sails in 4.0m and below have taken the clew design of the Foiling sails, as David realised that this 'extended clew' shape really added stability to the smaller sizes, which helped reduce the 'on-off' feel that samll sails are reknowned for. As per the last two versions the 5,8m and the NEW 6.3m have been deemed to be better in a 5 batten configuration and as we have said many a time.. no point selling someone something 'not as good' just because it is classed as a '4 batten sail'. And last but not least.. THREE COLOURS TO CHOSE FROM.. what more could you ask for? Ezzy say...

Are you a wave sailor looking for a high-performance sail?Do you want a sail that is lightweight and easy to manouever on the waves as well as in the jumps and jibes? What about easy to rig? And built to last? We recommend the Ezzy Wave.

The Ezzy Wave carries the Ezzy traditions of easy handling and high quality while also being one of the lightest wave sails on the market, with the 4.7 weighing in under the 3kg mark. When we introduced the first version of the Ezzy Wave in 2020, our goal with the sail was to make a sail that provides early planing and power for onshore conditions as well as dynamic maneuverability and handling for side-shore wave riding. In 2021 we made further changes to the original sails design to aid stability and power delivery.

For 2023, we introduce a new Ezzy Wave with changes across all sizes. The Ezzy Wave makes us proud because it represents our lifetime of dedication to the craft of sail making and—most of all—our love of windsurfing.

Sizes: 2.8, 3.0, 3.4, 3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.2, 5.5, 5.8, 6.3m²

Colours: Orange , Green, White


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    EZZY WAVELuffLuffBoomBattensEzzy MastWeight
    Size (sq.m.)Min (cm)Max (cm)Min-Max (cm) Bottom/TopKilograms
    2.8325329127-1374315/3402.22 kg
    3.0338342139-1494315/3402.30 kg
    3.4351355139-1494340/3402.40 kg
    3.7364368145-1554340/3402.51 kg
    4.0372376145-1554340/3702.75 kg
    4.2380384145-1554370/3702.75 kg
    4.5389393150-1604370/3702.85 kg
    4.7397401154-1644370/4002.93 kg
    5.0407411159-1694370/4003.01 kg
    5.2415419163-1734400/4003.11 kg
    5.5423427168-1784400/4303.18 kg
    5.8438442168-1785430/4303.48 kg
    6.3454458178-1885430/4303.65 kg
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