Fanatic Wave / Freewave / Freestyle Boards 30% off

Fanatic Wave / Freewave / Freestyle Boards 30% off

Mamba TE

An evolution of the Stubby Wave and shines with similar attributes in sloppy waves but comes with improved performance for when the conditions turn on. Combines early planing and great mobility around the break - you don’t need to be a snake to catch every wave on the Mamba TE. Tri Fin board Available in 78, 84, 94 and 104lt.

Grip TE 

 For 2023, our radical performance wave board has been completely redesigned in all sizes, with focus on highly improved wave performance with minimal effect to the planing performance. It is extremely versatile with multiple (five) fin box options to work both as a Quad and Thruster, even in the biggest sizes. Available in a new size split of XS / 69 / 76 / 81 / 87 / 93 / 99 and the new floaty 107lt for heavier riders and lighter winds.


An evolution of the Stubby outline blended with our legendary FreeWave DNA, the FreeWave TE is a true chameleon – ready to adapt and excel in all conditions. From flatwater blasting, to bump & jump or waves, the FreeWave TE is the one board that takes a bigger range of conditions than ever. The different footstrap inserts and fin options allow you to adjust the FreeWave TE according to your needs - So even on flat water you can leave your buddies in your wake!  The FreeWave/Freewave TE come in 6 sizes 75, 85, 95, 105, 115 and 125lt, the Freewave TXTR in 85, 95, 105 and 115lt.

The Freewave is supplied with a Single Starfish fin.

The TE is supplied with MFC Tri Fins.

The TXTR 85 -95 -105lt are supplied with MFC Tri Fin and the 115lt is supplied with a Single MFC fin.

Skate TE

This board has shaped the past, present and future of modern freestyle windsurfing. For 2023, the shape of our dedicated freestyle board has been specially adapted to the demands of the latest progressive freestyle moves in the new size of 91l – the go-to size for our team riders in most conditions.  

Available in 4 sizes: 85, 91, 99, 108lt and comes with a Power Box for maximum durability in shallow waters and approved for foil use in all sizes.

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