Fanatic Freewave Stubby 85lt Textreme 2017 (SB91) Used

Fanatic Freewave Stubby 85lt Textreme 2017 (SB91) Used

The Textreme Lightweight Stubby Freewave, the board that everyone wanted but most were 'put off' by the price. Well, if you can put up with the odd mark, then you can at last experience the extra performance these boards offered at a very reasonable price. There's a scuff on the nose, a repair to a rail (which was there when he bought the board ) ) and scratching / compression dents to the underside and rails, all of which are superficial and do not affect the construction. The Deck is in good condition and no heal dents. Please note that the tiny spots on some of the pics are obligatory rain drops.. nothing nasty! This what Fanatic had to say..

 “After the success of the Stubby over the past year and the positive aspects of planing, control and manoeuvrability, it wasn’t long until the first FreeWave STB prototype was cut in the CNC machine. The result was a slightly longer, faster, more bump & jump oriented version of our Stubby TE. The FreeWave STB is pure dynamite and the start of a new era for the FreeWave line. With guaranteed easy wave performance, the board flys over any kind of surface like a missile. Available in sizes 85, 95 & 105l, and constructed in the TE and the super high-end TeXtreme® construction, the FreeWave STB is going to be your new favourite toy!”

Fins: 2 x 12cm MFC sides and centre 20cm K4 stubby

Volume: 85 lt  Width: 57.5 cm Length: 225 cm Weight: 5,90 kg (this boards weight with the footstraps fitted is just under 6.5kg)

Fittings: 2x MFC 12 cm Slot box ; 1 x 18 cm centre Power Box

Recommended Sail sizes: < 6.0 m²

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