IntegoPro Sports Sunscreen

IntegoPro Sports Sunscreen

This product has taken over where the infamous Pro Sport left off. It's a UK Company and so far the feedback has been all good. 

Available in SPF 30 and SPF 50 in 75ml tubes

Intego say...

At Intego Sun Protection, we believe the risk of skin damage from sun exposure should not get in the way of your passion for your sport. We set out with one goal - to create the Ultimate Sports Sunscreen. We wanted to be sure that when you use our products, you can be confident that your skin will be protected from the sun at no cost to your sports performance. Following years of development and testing we have created IntegoPro, a sunscreen for ultimate endurance and maximum protection. From round the world yacht sailors, to triathletes pushing for a faster pace in extreme conditions. We believed there had to be a better way to deliver sunscreen to outdoor enthusiasts that would stand up to the uncompromising demands of endurance sports.

How water-resistant is IntegoPro?

To give you the short answer, it is incredibly water resistant. It was one of the main priorities when we created IntegoPro along with the need to be very long lasting. We believe and others have agreed that it really does last even in the harshest and wettest of conditions.

In order to be able to make the claim Very Water Resistant, sunscreen has to be tested on a person in an agitated water bath for 80 minutes and retain at least 50% of its labelled SPF rating. A duration of 80 minutes is the maximum amount of time that it can be tested for under UK and EU regulations and the specific wording Very Water Resistant is the only wording allowed to be used to advertise this.

When we tested our products they easily achieved this and in most cases went significantly beyond the required level. IntegoPro has been created to provide extremely long-lasting, water-resistant sun protection and feedback from users has suggested that it really does perform to an exceptional level. 

You must always remember to apply it correctly and use a sufficient amount to ensure it works properly. Give it a try and let us know what you think. We are always keen to hear back from our customers.


Tested and proven to the highest standards in the world, our powerful SPF50+ and SPF30 sunscreens are the choice of professional athletes and watersport enthusiasts. They are non-greasy, oil free, water and sweat resistant formula, meaning it absorbs into the skin so won’t run into your eyes or leave your hands slippery. With powerful broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB sunlight - INTEGO PRO helps keep you out in the action for longer.  

Water Resistant  Sweat Resistant  Fragrance Free  Oxybenzone & Octinoxate Free  Hypoallergenic  Suitable for all skin types


Tinosorb S 10%

Zinc Oxide 5.6%

Titanium Oxide 2%

Octocrylene 8%

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