Mystic Ease 2mm Open Palm Mitt


Mystic Ease 2mm Open Palm Mitt


Open Palm Mitts are ideal for any sport where feeling what you are gripping is important. The open palm does not change the diameter of what you are holding, so you don’t need to grip harder, wasting energy and getting cramps in the forearms (perfect for sports like Windsurfing where a solid hold is vital). One other nice feature is that you can flick the fingers mitt off which allows you to sort out on water problems without removing the gloves. And finally, if you don't think they are working.. just take them off and feel the difference!

For 2024 Mystic have made this OP Mitt out of 2mm Neoprene, as they found that the gloves benefitted from the slightly thinner material, in the respect of flexibility, without suffering any loss of heat retention. 

Mystic say..

The Ease 2mm Open Palm comes in handy for riders who prefer a direct grip, especially windsurfers who can have more control over the boom. Lined with Fox Fleece on the inside and wind mesh neoprene on the outside, the Ease Open Palm offers warmth to the outside of your hands on a cold day.

The Ease 2mm Mitt is made from Wind Mesh neoprene with Fox Fleece lining for comfort and Flatlock Stitching for durability and economy.

Ideal for Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Wings, SUP and Kayaking.


See pictures for the size chart.

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