Nah Skwell Scow 12'6" x 27.5" SUP

Nah Skwell Scow 12'6" x 27.5" SUP

An early version of a versatile distance board, such as a Starboard Generation,  The SCOW is a bit of a weird beast to look at but it did tick a lot of boxes for people who wanted a fast but reasonably stable board. This is what Nah Skwell had to say..

The Nah Skwell Scow 12'6 Race - Faster than you can believe, more comfortable than you can imagine, lighter and cheaper than you thought possible!Anywhere we go, weekends are now SUP racing days. Whatever the board-size category we have yet seen, we only watched pointed-bow boards for racing…. and asked WHY? Time for Nah Skwell then, to retain its reputation for design and innovation, by offering a totally different shape, in search of more performance from an easier ride!

Inspired by " Scow " yachts and their more rectangular shape, the Nah Skwell Scow Race 12'6 aims to erase the inherent drawbacks of a "traditional" pointed bow! The Scow design really works - Simply, we have made a board with cutting edge race winning performance, and put a load of fun and accessibility back in!

More stable: when a board is " pinched " at both ends, then any sea way makes it loose stability. With a wider outline forward, the Scow offers much more comfort than any racing board to date; the " row " effect is tamed down and the board is much less susceptible to side-winds and swells.

Slightly heeled: where a pointed-bow board requires to be paddled very flat - which is proving quite difficult as the miles go by and /or the water becomes choppy - the Nah Skwell "Scow" shall happily settle on its full length paddle-side rail, with a slight heel - much less tiring for the rider and significantly enhancing performance in the process!

A downwind beast: more stable, our Scow accelerates on the smallest bumps! No more burying the bow down into the back of a wave, with the inherent yaw, loss of control and…fall off! The Scow's nose remains above water in virtually all conditions, and really helps in lengthening the 'surf ride' on every wave. 

The importer added.. The Scow 12'6 comes with a high efficiency Powerbox Fin centered 16" forward of the tail, which is also very resistant to catching weed, so further enhancing distance performance.

The combination of all these features, and the light and stiff 'OSS' Full Wood Sandwich construction, not only makes the Scow a 'killer choice for a top flight racer' but also make this board an outstanding choice for the recreational rider of even modest ability, looking to cover many miles quickly and comfortably!

What more could you want for a spot of distance paddling! A SCOW is 12’6” long, 27.5” wide and has a depth of 5”. Volume is approx. 240lt and comes with its original 21.5cm Power Box fin. Epoxy Wood version, weighing approx. 11kg (we can weigh it to check). Condition looks good, no repairs noticed and just scratches on the rails from paddle strokes and pebbles. It also comes with a custom made SCOW board bag.

PLEASE NOTE. DUE TO THE SIZE OF THIS BOARD SHIPPING WILL NOT BE FOC! Please contact us for a quote (supply delivery address and a contact tel. number or email address)

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