RRD Hardcore Wave V5 78lt 2014 Used (SA89)

RRD Hardcore Wave V5 78lt 2014 Used (SA89)

The RRD Hardcore Wave V5 is a Quint box wave board which can be set up as a Quad (as supplied) or as a Tri-Fin, depending upon where you sail. This particular board was my own back in 2014 , so I know exactly how this version of the Hardcore sails and it is not like previous HC's, which were only really happy when playing at a crosshore  wind venue, with waves of a reasonable size (their rocker lines were too slow for 'fun' during South coast use). At the time of the V5's design, RRD were having issues with their Cult range , so they made the Hardcore V5 into a board that would work across a far broader range of conditions and not so 'Hardcore' as the previous versions. I found the V5 to be easy to sail, quick to plane and generally much better than a lot of the previous Quad boards I'd sailed at Shoreham. I did try it with a  K4 Tri fin set up, which gave you slightly more 'feel' on a wave but overall the MFC Quads gave far better performance, especially when heading up wind.  But don't take my word for it, as the Windsurf Review of the 88lt came up with a similar view on the V5. Link is below. The board is in good condition, deck is solid and only one small repair on the underside. Fins are the original MFC G10, so they are also in GC and the original RRD foot straps are like new. The owner has lived overseas for a number of years while this board stayed in the UK so it has not had a lot of use. Priced for a quick 'sail'. 

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