SEAR Surfing and Swimming Ear Plugs with Sound Transmission

SEAR Surfing and Swimming Ear Plugs with Sound Transmission

A brand new product with an Introductory Offer Price! 

Is this just another ear plug or do they have something special?.. read on and SEAR will explain. 

Get your SEAR! Water blocking but sound embracing ear plugs, to protect you from ear infections when swimming, surfing, and more but with the ability to hear 'what's coming'! SEAR stands at the forefront of ear protection in the water sports, blending water blocking capabilities with crisp sound transmission. 9dB sound reduction allows you to hear warning sounds, conversations, and instructions from coaches or teammates without compromising situational awareness. 

The 'kit' comes with all plug sizes, as you may change the size after wearing them for a while or you might use a tighter fit depending upon the sport you are taking part in but you can also buy spares of any particular size, if so required. If no stock is shown, please call us or Enquire and we will check for stock with SEAR.

For an in depth view of the SEAR ear plugs in comparison to other makes of a similar type, see description two.

 Product Info

• Magnetic & Waterproof Case: Equipped with a magnetic closure for easy access. The included carabiner ensures convenient attachment to your backpack or surfbag, making it effortlessly portable for all your travels.

What's in the case...

3 sizes of Ear Plugs & Ear Wings: Find your perfect fit with three sizes of earplugs and ear wings, ensuring a watertight seal to protect your ears. 

• Leash with Floatable Element: Stay connected to your SEAR earplugs at all times with the included leash. Wear it around your neck for easy access and added security. The floatable element ensures that even in the water, your earplugs stay within reach.

• Ear Filter with Waterproof Acoustic Mesh: The ear filter, featuring a waterproof acoustic mesh, allows you to experience high hearing clarity while preventing water ingress. 

Ideal for surfing, swimming, kayaking, kitesurfing and all other water sports.

Spare Parts.

Ear Plugs (pair) S - M - L

Ear Wings (Pair) S - M - L

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  • Description 2

    I asked how 'safe ' the sound passing membrane is on the SEAR plugs, as this has been a problem with similar plugs from other manufacturers. This is their designers reply..

    Sure thing! So for your question about membrane being 'safe' when pushing in the plug: when it comes to the membrane in SEAR plugs, we've designed it to be super resilient. You can confidently push the plug into your ear using your finger without worrying about damaging the membrane. It's built to withstand regular use. However, the membrane is the most delicate part of the gear, it's best to avoid contact with pointy objects to ensure it stays in top shape.  

    Regarding the differences, I would say the key ones come from sound transmission and of course affordability, but to provide you more details:

        We have designed SEAR such that it allows very high sound transmission - the size of the membrane is slightly larger and of elliptical shape, allowing sound to be better heard. 

        For the ear plug itself, our earplug tip is more convex (compared with the design of other brands), allowing for a snugger fit to the ear canal when worn.

        The ear wing has a double hollow fins tail therefore providing support from both top and the bottom when fit under your ear's antihelix. Most other brands tip follows a monotonic curved tail (kind of d-shape, providing support mostly from the top).

        Lastly, the price - we want to make ear protection that transmits sound more affordable and avoid the currently 'monopoly' prices set in the industry. At the regular price, we have priced it already 25% below our main competitor's cost. It's mid range between the more expensive named brands and the cheaper plugs that fully block sound out. With seasonal discounts it can be much affordable options for all water sports enthusiasts, who perhaps would benefit from using SEAR ear plugs. 

    Hope that helps! 

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