STX Electric Pump to 20psi with Battery

STX Electric Pump to 20psi with Battery

Version 2 of the very reliable STX Dual stage pump:  

Extra fast volume blower at low pressure and compressor pump to reach high
pressure. Automatic stop when selected pressure is reached. 

Inflation time for a Red Paddle Ride 10'6"

5psi   2min 20sec

10psi 4min 43sec

15psi 7min 25sec

20psi 10min 20sec

Pump comes with..

Carry Bag

1.7m Heavy Duty hose with selection of sealing rings for different Halkey Roberts valve types.

3m 12 volt power cord with car auxiliary plug (cigar lighter socket). 

AC Power Adaptor 240volt (requires a 2 pin adaptor for UK use)  

Pump can only be charged via the car socket or AC adaptor. Recharge Time approx. 1 hour. 

The STX pump is not the fastest electric pump on the market but it has proved itself to be the most reliable unit we have sold in 10 years of selling electric SUP pumps. It's not the fatsest pump on the market but it has proved itself to be reliable, because it does not destroy itself 'rushing'! So reliable in fact, that we have not warranted a single pump, only one charging adaptor that failed, so that is truly AMAZING! The Mk1 pump would inflate up to 3 boards to 16psi at normal temperatures. We will update the 20psi spec after we have tested a few times but so far it looks as though it will do three boards as well. The pump unit has 2 USB outlets for charging Phones, GPS devices , GO Pro cameras etc. and is fitted with three bright LED lights for use at night, which also flash, so could be used as a warning device.  Basically, this pump is Worth its Weight in Gold!!  

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