2024 and off we Go again..

2024 and off we Go again..

 Welcome to 2024 and the start of what could be a great New Year! We hope that everyone enjoyed a fun filled festive period break and are now suitably shattered, after so many days of wind!  So, the first Friday evening beckons the first Weekend of this wonderful new year and it’s all Go from now on..

As you may have noticed, the ‘Greatest Sale Ever’ emails are now flooding into your virtual mailboxes, so when I say Go I meant that the bargains are stacking up and they really do need to go, especially in SUP World and one offer of note within that realm.. genre.. sport.. which really should Go is the 2022/23 9’8” x 30” Starboard Blend Element Lite Tech SUP board, which has dropped from an already great price of £999.00 down to an absurd £699.00! This is super cheap for a solid construction SUP board that was ‘crafted’ at the Cobra factory in Thailand (rated as the best factory for ‘quality’ composite boards in the World) and sadly, we happen to have one in stock. I say sad as we paid full price for ours but if you are interested in a board to go play on the winter waves with, do drop in and have a look at it..  I don’t think you will be disappointed. There are currently 5 in stock at Starboard UK, so we can in theory supply 6 customers, should this appeal to a number of you..  but not one to ponder over for too long, as they will GO.

Trivia quiz time.. Wet Wet Wet? A.  a group from the 1980’s or B. the UK weather forecast?
If you are not local to the UK, I think we can safely say that the rain here has been constant and also incredible. The windy period has been appreciated by many but few have liked the rain. It has rained pretty much every or at least every other day since the start of December and as per the wind, which when it blows it BLOWS, when it rained, it chucked it down!  A local of the beach, Mr Andrew Marr, is a keen weather watcher and he logs the rainfall as part of his studies. Yesterday he measured the rainfall as 1” or 25mm, which is pretty ‘heavy man’ in the true sense of the meaning, especially when you consider the majority of the 1” / 25mm will have dropped to earth from early afternoon through to early evening (started at 13.00hrs and slowed up around 18.00hrs). That 1” / 25mm equates to just under a quarter of the 4.36” / 110.9mm recorded rainfall in the whole of January 2023, a month which was already 25mm above the average January rainfall, which is 3.31” / 84.2mm. I can confirm this, as I had to visit Storrington late yesterday afternoon and the water on the A24 was downright dangerous. They closed the Northbound carriageway for an hour or so, between Washington and Ashington due to the depth of water accumulating on the ‘dip’ just as you pass by the 1st exit into Ashington village.  Today the flooding around the inland bridges crossing the River Adur was exceptional, which had already been exceptional on many occasions during the autumn of 23, so I don’t think we need anymore rain for now. The Argus has a gallery of pics from Pulbrough.. which were taken before yesterdays torrential rain.. Click Here

The forecast suggests that is it for now, as we have a lovely Nor’ East wind kicking in with top daytime temps of 4°C, less wind chill,  to ‘cool’ our excitement down and put our power bills up. Perhaps I should not have mentioned that… 

Tide Tables for 2024. Normally here by now but delayed, due to the printers having an unruly machine in their finishing process. They’ve promised that we will have them delivered to the shop next Wednesday and I will post a post when in our hands. Our apologies  for the delay, as we know some of you refer to the tables to plan your year ahead activities (very hard to find the whole year posted on the net, as anything over a month ahead and you pay).

Big news, the Weather is changing and this is what we can expect for the 1st weekend of Jan 24..
Saturday, wind will be Nor’Nor’West 8-16kt during the morning and then backing Northerly during the afternoon. Top temp for the day is 6° (half of last weekends..) and likely to feel chillier with the wind chill factor thrown in. Rain early morning but clear for the rest of the day. Tide is High at 18.45hrs on a 4.7m (low around midday)  so not a good day for foiling on the estuary but distance SUP on the sea should be Ok (stay close to the shore to keep out of the offshore wind).  
Sunday, the wind moves around to the Nor’Nor’East and increases to 15-28kt. The air temp is likely to feel a lot colder than the 5°C forecast and that is set to continue for the foreseeable future.. at least that wind will dry things up or freeze them solid! No rain mentioned and the Tide hits High at 19.51hrs on a 4.87m. So that is a bit of a change but I guess winter has to arrive at some point.

And that’s that for this week. We are instore 9.30 – 5.30pm tomorrow and 10 – 1.00pm on Sunday, should you be in need of extra ‘layers’ or protective neoprene, to stave off that wind! 
Have a great weekend, whatever the weather and forgive the typos, as out of practice!