Shop Opening Times and Area Info

Shop Opening Times

Saturday    9:30 am–5:30 pm

Sunday    10.00 am–1.00 pm (Winter Hours) 

                10.00 am - 4.00 pm (Summer Hours)

Tuesday    Closed

Wednesday    9:30 am–5:30 pm

Thursday    9:30 am–5:30 pm

Friday    9:30 am–5:30 pm

BANK HOLIDAYS 10.00am - 4.00pm

Easy access from M/A23, A24, A27 and A259. Exit A259 at Shoreham airport roundabout (signposted Shoreham Beach).

For the shop.. Take the same exit off of the roundabout and follow the road for approx 3/4 of a mile. Look for a Pub on the left hand side called the Waterside. At the Pub turn right into Ferry Road and Surfladle is at the end of the road on the left (the shop shares a large conservatory with a Seafood Restaurant). Parking is generally not a problem, but please observe the yellow lines (check the Parking restriction signs when on the Beach as the lines might be the same but when you can and can't park on them does differ).

For the main windsurfing area.. After exiting the roundabout take the 1st turning on the right (where the road turns sharp left). At the end of the road turn right into Widewater Car Park. Beware, there is a 2m height barrier. The parking charge used to be £1.00 a day from April to the end of September (free during the winter months) but the local council made a cock-up and now we have a private company operating it. Current charges are £1.00 for 2 hours or £4.00 per day (no overnight parking. You can check the prices at the Parkopedia website .

 If you have a high top vehicle the car park attendant (if there) may open the barrier but make sure you exit before he leaves (approx. 5pm). If the attendant won't open the barrier then high top vehicle parking can be a problem... sorry. Facilities include an outside shower and toilet block along with a cafeteria which is open during the summer months.

There is a designated windsurfing launch area to the East of the 1st beach hut as you enter Widewater Car Park but there are other areas on the beach you can launch from. Kitesurfers usually launch at the East end of the beach as that is where the original permitted area was. There are restrictions during the summer months to allow Safe Swimming Zones,  which are indicated on information signs at most entry points onto the beach (if you are not sure call and ask us). Please observe these restrictions. And finally... please do not sail, foil or SUP on the lagoon, as it's a Wildlife Sanctuary.

SUP can take place anywhere from the beachside but again, there are safe swim zones operating in the summer (most visitors SUP in those areas anyhow!). The estuary and river are popular paddling areas, with most paddling upstream to Upper Beeding and stopping for a break at the Kings Head public house. You can navigate all the way up to Shermanbury bridge where the Bull pub is situated but this paddle needs a bit of planning as it is tide dependent and a long paddle.. best done in High Summer for daylight purposes! One thing to note, the estuary is tidal so you will only have an hour either side of the High Tide time when the water is 'slack' (not moving) but outside of that there will be a flow either inland or out to sea, which can run a 7kt and you will not be able to paddle against it. Please note. We advise against paddling around the Harbour mouth at anytime, especially at High Tide, as this is when the shipping enters and leaves the Harbour.. PLEASE DO NOT UPSET THE HARBOUR MASTER! 

For foilis, the estuary is a popular place to go when the tides permit. The area used is between the railway bridge and the old wooden toll bridge.  Parking is either on the airport perimeter road or on the main road into Shoreham from the A27 flyover , just South of the Amsterdam public house. There is a walk through onto the estuary bank. PLEASE be careful of other people and respect the area, as again it is a wildlife preserve. You need to be there for the High Tide and you will have approx. 2hrs of slack water for playtime (so arrive in time to get rigged and out on the water approx. an hour before the High). After that, the tidal flow will kick in and at its peak it can run at 7kt. 

We hope you enjoy your time at Shoreham By Sea!