Wing Surfing is the newest wind driven sport currently on offer. It combines the use of a handheld kite with an early planning board that can be fitted with a hydrofoil. It is a sport you can learn by perseverance but spending a day or two with an instructor can save a lot of pain and frustration. Still in its infancy (2019 was the year of it becoming a main line sport) the advances in Wing Surfing are coming thick and fast, so who knows where the sport will be in another three years. Exciting times!  Hydrofoils have been around for far longer, in fact windsurfers have been using them since the nineteen nineties, when AHD and a few other companies started developing them. Now, you will not believe where hydrofoils are being used and every sport we deal with has foils! A very in depth subject so do Call for Help with this one.