The most frequently asked Questions are..

Price Matching. If you see a better price on another suppliers website but would rather purchase it from us, please Contact Us and we will see what we can do. 

Outside of the UK? Currently we do not have an online option for overseas customer to buy our products but please do Contact Us and if we can ship to you, we will. Please supply the full postal address within your email.. it helps!

What does Surfladle mean?  It translates as Small Surf Shop. Ladle, which is pronounced Lard'la, is a word for a small shop mainly used in Northern Switzerland and Southern Germany. The original owner (Tony Crowley) was struggling to come up with a name for his new shop and when on holiday in the Canaries, he mentioned it to a group of friends who were from the pre-mentioned area and they suggested Surfladle. And that was that.. done. Funnily enough though, the shop has never stocked Surf boards.