A Perfect Flooding, an Unhappy Road, Better Times and Lucas is in Chile!

A Perfect Flooding, an Unhappy Road, Better Times and Lucas is in Chile!

Another week of Easter holiday fun and the obligatory wet weather have gone by, so I guess it must be time for a Weekend!

I mentioned last week that the arrival of the fun fair usually coincided with bad weather and right on cue Monday night / Tuesday morning brought the perfect storm. Put together a wind from the South gusting up to 41kt driving a Spring 6.7m High Tide and flooding was bound to occur. Locally Littlehampton was the worst effected but parts of Shoreham also suffered flooding. Our Tidal Wall defences were completed back in March 2019 but the weak point in the ‘wall’ and an area with a history of flooding,  just to the East of the Yacht Club,  remained under discussion. And that is where the flood damage occurred, to properties and businesses alongside the main road. It was amazingly good luck that there was none of the usual heavy rainfall prior, otherwise it would have been a lot worse. Perhaps this event will hasten those discussions on how to complete the project.

While I am on the subject of unhappy events, the Eastbound carriageway of the A27 between Lancing and  Shoreham Flyover will be closed for the whole of this weekend, from 8pm this evening until 6am Monday morning. As you can imagine, closing this particular road at the end of the Easter Holiday period is going to bring much joy and happiness to everyone living in and travelling through the local area, so perhaps allow a little longer for your journey (I won’t say stay at home, as we would love to see you here!). There are three more weekend closures and the dates for these are..

9pm Friday (April 26) until 6am Monday (April 29)

9pm Friday (May 10) until 6am Monday (May 13)

9pm Friday (June 7) until 6am Monday (June 10)

On a brighter note, the weekend ahead is looking to be better weather wise, with NO mention whatsoever of rain at the current time (that should increase the fun fairs footfall). Today’s sun enticed people back down to the beach, which was a pleasant change, as it’s been pretty much deserted due to the tenacity of the wind and rain,  apart from hardened dog walkers of course. A long warm summer would do us all the world of good and talking of warm places..

The second round of the PWA Wave Tour took place in Chile this week and local sailor Lucas Meldrum was there, taking part. The final was today and the PWA press release said ‘it what was arguably one of the best wave events in the history of the World Tour’.  I won’t say where Lucas finished or who won the event, just in case it would spoil it for anyone but you can ‘catch up’ with all of the action, in full or in brief, with Ben and Paul on Windsurfing TV. Grab a cuppa and enjoy the spectacle.


Keeping it brief tonight for two reasons. One, in case I upset a dear friend who politely told me ‘It’s too long Dan!’ and two,  I’d like to cross the fields on my way to the pub tonight in daylight, as last Saturday evening a robbery occurred or was attempted at one of the houses close to my path and I don’t want to be confused as a torch wielding felon returning for a 2nd attempt! So, it’s time for the weekend’s weather.

Saturday, we have a forecast for Sou’West Winds, increasing from 11-20kt in the morning to 16– 26kt by mid-afternoon. It could be a perfect day for those who have not been out on the sea this year, as the air temp may be around 16°C and combine that with a fun wind, rather than the recent all or nothings, it should be pleasant sailing or kiting conditions. One slight fly in the ointment is that High Tide occurs at 15.19hrs on a 5.9m but what else would you expect! I’m sure that particular ‘fly’ will make the Wing Foil’ers smile, as it’s perfect timing for them to be out on the estuary! Even though there is a forecast for wind, SUP should still be on and perhaps a downwinder from Shoreham to the Kings Head Pub at Upper Beeding or if you left early and wanted to push it, The Bull at Shermanbury could be a nice way to get back into paddling . We still have plenty of inflatables at great prices, should friends wish to get in on the fun. Just a thought..

Sunday, we start the day off with a Nor’West breeze 6 – 10kt.. time for a lay in.. as that will swing Westerly and increase to 11 – 20kts by mid-afternoon. Once again, there should be fun to be had even if the Tide does hit High at 16.04hrs on a 5.4m, as the sun may shine and the air temp could again be around 16°C.  Is spring finally here or does that all change again next week, as some forecasts have suggested.. we will see!

And that’s that. I hope it was short enough and just need to remind everyone that we are Open from 9.30 until 5.30pm tomorrow and then 10am until 4.00pm on Sunday, should retail therapy be required. We hope your weekend goes well and may the forecasters have it completely right, just for a change!