And for the final 2023.. a Friday evening Ramble!

And for the final 2023.. a Friday evening Ramble!


Friday evening has once again made its appearance and there are bells a ‘Jingling in the air..  I guess that means it’s the penultimate Weekend of 2023 and very soon we will all be ‘Going home for Christmas’... Hazza!

Well, 2023 went by very quickly. It seemed as though we had just taken the Christmas decorations down, when they were going back up again! Time waits for no person, so the annual Burning of the Clocks took place in Brighton yesterday evening and for once the weather was nice for the revellers but that again seemed like it had happened only a few weeks back.. not 365 days ago! B of the C’s is an event that honours the Shortest day of the year, which as always shot by and twas also marked by Storm Pia, who just rocked up and kicked the poop out of many a Christmas Tree across Ireland and almost the whole of the UK,  apart from the glorious South, where we had a rather pleasant, breezy, 13C  day (our time will come.. just check out the forecast for the next 7 days!). Nature can be pretty ferocious at times but rarely does it become vindictive,  whereas ‘Man’ excels at that particularly well and is causing far more turmoil in this World than you would care to believe possible in 2023. So many conflicts, some of which are caused by understandable anger but in the main, it’s led by the few who feel ‘they’ have the right to rule. Will they never learn? Perhaps peace will be allowed to come and rest the souls of those who currently crave it, even if it’s for just a few days over Christmas.  GO ON, give the World a break! 

Don’t worry, I’m not going to rant on about things this week but just needed to clear that one from my closet.  I hate to mention peace and goodwill at Christmas and then inform you that the weather for the next week is looking rather blustery but whether it’s as wet and windy as the current prediction portrays we will have to wait and see. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are currently given as a mere 30-40kts, a brief respite on Boxing Day and then it’s rain and strong winds all the way through to the Saturday, when we get a few days of ‘quiet’ over the New Year celebrations but then it’s back to more wind and rain for the first Wednesday of 2024.. we will be here should you still be off work and in need of things!

When it’s wet and windy some will be happy and some will not , but as it’s Nature at work, there is no point in moaning. 

Opening times for the Festive period are attached as an image but in case it’s not easy to read or you’re using Googleys Read Aloud, here they are..

Sunday C’mas eve         10.00 - 1.00pm

Christmas Day                Closed

Boxing Day                     Closed

Wednesday 27th             Closed

Thursday 28th                 Closed

Friday 29th                    9.30 - 12.30pm

Saturday 30th                   9.30 - 5.30pm

Sunday 31st                   10.00 - 1.00pm

New Years Day 2024      Closed

Tuesday 2nd Jan            Closed

Tide Times.. well, we should have had the Tide Tables for 2024 here by now but for one reason or another, as there is always one reason or another, I can’t get hold of the printers to find out where they are..  that’s another  thing to chase up in the New Year. Our apologies to those who have enquired and who are waiting patiently. What I can tell you is that this weekend the High tide times at Shoreham are 07.59hrs on a 5.6m Saturday and then 08.56hr on a 5.8m Sunday, so Low will occur early afternoon. 

I will be holding the fort this coming Sunday, aka Christmas Eve, until  around 1pm and will have a bottle or two of Mulled Wine heating up on the stove and a plate of Mince pies on the counter, just to keep the festive spirit alive and well in dear old Ladle Land. Do drop in if you are wandering past or on a quick trip down to the beach, for your last splash and dash before towing the line for Christmas, as it will be good to see you! 

And that is about it for this evening and possibly for this year, as I'm only in for a short period next Friday and The Blog is likely to be the last thing on my mind. As an Au revoir to 2023, we wish  everyone who we have met or served during all of those years that we’ve been here, at play, has a really wonderful time over Christmas and the New Year.  

Happy Christmas to You All!