Do you know about AED.. no MP & MW this weekend and who is in the Pink?

Do you know about AED.. no MP & MW this weekend and who is in the Pink?

Here we go.. Friday evening is here and the countdown to Christmas is officially on! Hard to believe that there is only one more ‘true’ weekend after this before the C word occurs and as Christmas Eve falls on the Sunday, it’s not like it will be a normal weekend! So, I think this is it, as far as true ‘no hassle’ weekends go and for many of you it’s also the start of the Winter break, so the feelgood factor should be high, as is the wind forecast.  More about that shortly but let me broach a serious subject for a moment.. 

I was asked recently if I knew where to find an AED ( Automated External Defibrillator) on Shoreham Beach and the answer was Err, no I don’t” . So, click this link for the answer..

The question arose after an email discussion with a RNLI representative re. their Float to Live campaign and the next question was can you use it on a wet person and what if they are wearing a wetsuit? Although I ‘thought’ maybe not, my truthful answer was no.. this was not good. So here is a quick run down on what to do if you have someone who needs resuscitating and what the procedure is,  if they are wet. 

When using a defibrillator on someone who is or has been submerged in water, it's crucial to get the person onto dry land first. If the person is unresponsive or not breathing normally, proceed with the cardiac arrest rescue measure, better known as CPR, until an AED is available. The lifesaving CPR chest compressions are carried out by placing the heel of your hand on the centre of the person's chest, then place the palm of your other hand on top and press down by 5 to 6cm (2 to 2.5 inches) at a steady rate of 100 to 120 compressions a minute. After every 30 chest compressions, it was thought that giving 2 rescue breaths (mouth to mouth) was ‘right’ but now they suggest that it interrupts the compressions and after Covid, people are not so keen to snog a stranger or even a mate . When an AED arrives please remember that you cannot apply the AED pads, which deliver the necessary electrical shock to the victim's chest, until the clothing has been removed and the skin dried thoroughly. If it’s raining, try and cover them, even with a wing, kite or a sail. 

Remove all clothing from the patient's chest – this includes swimsuits, bras, sports bras, tank tops, and regular tops. If you need to, you can cut through clothing or wetsuits with the shears included in an AED's response kit (do not worry about their wetsuit!). The AED will automatically talk the operator through the procedure but these are a few points to try and remember..

    Remove all clothing covering the chest. If necessary, wipe their chest and back dry.

    Place one pad on the upper right side of the chest

    Place the other pad on the lower left side of the chest, a few inches below the left armpit

Note: If the pads touch when placed as above (due to the persons size) place one pad in the middle of the chest and the other pad on their back, between the shoulder blades. Once the shock has been applied and the AED pads are clear, continue CPR until resuscitation has been achieved. 

As I said this, this was a quick run through and will give us all a basic idea of a procedure that I hope we never have to carry out. You can find out more on the Web and the AED locations are shown on the accompanying picture.. maybe add it to your phone gallery, just in case! What else do I need to mention.. ah yes!

The Christmas Mulled Pie and Minced Wine morning has traditionally taken place on the last Sunday before Christmas and some people have asked, is it this coming Sunday? No, I think we hold with tradition but as it is going to be on the Christmas Eve Sunday,  it is going to be just the Mulled and the Minced rather than the normal other options. We, or rather I will open at 10am and  close at 1.00pm, as it’s Christmas Eve and who the heck wants to be at work anyhow but looking forward to seeing those of you that fancy dropping by. And why did I say  ‘I ‘.. well,  I am going to be running the Megastore on my own, as James is having to head West on the Friday prior, sadly due to a close family bereavement. Not what anyone would wish for at Christmas.   

No need to remember any of that as I will remind everyone in next weekends last ramble of 2023.

And now for the weekends weather forecast that wrecked the Shoreham Yacht Clubs Santa SUP!

Saturday, the calm weather is replaced by the start of the next windy period (always happens.. the minute I put up our outside lights and hang the ‘large baubles’,  the winds arrive to try and blow them down the road, much to the neighbour’s amusement) and we are forecast to have a Sou’West wind 9-12kts in the morning and 11-17kts during the afternoon. The air temp is on the up again, to around 11°C and no rain mentioned, at the moment. Tide is High at 13.10hrs on a 6.1m, so the estuary will have plenty of water for the foils and the SUP’s to play in. 

Sunday, things start to get going and the wind speeds increase to 17-23kts (which is why they had to cancel a fun SUP on the river), still from the Sou’West. That will be enough to get the Kite Mowers ( a nickname for kiters by windsurfers) and the Pole Dancers (a nickname for windsurfers by kiters) out on the sea, along with the advanced Foilers (is there a nickname for foilers?..please don’t say ‘floaters !) and maybe SUP’s and surfers in the wind protected breaks. The air temp is still just about in double figures and again, NO RAIN forecast. High is at 14.01hrs on a 6.1m, so another good estuary day for those who want calmer water.

As for the rest of the week and right through Christmas.. it's windy!

And that is it for another week, apart from a question.. which is who sails with a Pink Mohican? Alex Bubb posted some stunning footage from Shoreham (link is below) and asked if we knew who the windsurfer with the Pink Mohican is.. and yet again, I had to say NO! 

I can’t see enough of their face from the footage so PLEASE COME FORWARD and be recognised ! Fame awaits you.

Have a great weekend everyone!