Easter is here and so is Summer Time.. hoorah!

Easter is here and so is Summer Time.. hoorah!

Good Friday, Easter has begun and what a start, for those that love wind and for those strange people who love rain (boy, did it rain on the way here this morning).

On the wind front, its’s now quietening down from the strong winds 1st thing and currently we have 21kts Sou’Sou’West (actually now 17kt, has taken a while to write this) running up to High Tide, which is (was..) at 13.18hrs on a 5.9m. I guess the river will be busy with Wings, as it could be perfect conditions ( please do try and park responsibly if you are heading there, as residents are apparently getting ‘peeved’ at not being able to park anywhere). Wind is set to decrease during the afternoon and 12 -19kts by dusk, so that should give most long enough for a ‘Good Friday Session’. 

Saturday is currently looking to be the calm serene day of the weekend, with light winds, no rain and hopefully SUN, which is what we could all do with now, after such a long friggin dismal winter. Should be a nice day to get the SUP board out and there could be the remnant of a wave still around, to play on. River paddling will be good but the water is likely to be ‘mud brown’, only due to the flooding inland, so try not to fall in!  High Tide is at 13.49hrs on a 5.7m. 10°C given as the temp but if the Sun is out, it could be much better than that, with no wind chill. Don’t forget to put you non electronically controlled clocks and watches FORWARD (bet my new but stupid Economy Seven Smart meter will stay at 12.30 -7.30am, instead of switching to 1.30- 8.30am, which occurred with the old radio signal system.. it saved me a small fortune when the daughter gets up late and showers for half an hour!)

Easter Sunday, will bring chocolate laden eggs, longer summer days and winds from the East. Yes, BST will have arrived, dawn at 6.30am and dusk will be around 7.20pm.. hoorah! Some forecasters show it to be a dry day, others are suggesting rain in the evening but they are all chopping and changing again, so it will be the usual case of wait and see.  Wind is given as 13 – 24kt Easterly, a top temp of 12°C  and the High tide will occur at 14.25hrs on a 5.5m.  Not bad!

As for Bank Holiday Monday, it might be better than usual Bank Holidays. Winds are from the North 10-13kt during the morning and the set to swing to the West 14-18kt for the afternoon, which is good. Temperature is around 10°C (just as it was in December, January, February, March..) and as for rain, well, earlier today it looked wet but now they are saying a possibility of light showers in the afternoon, so keep the fingers crossed. It could of course be a ‘Make You Feel Happier’ forecast but we can only hope that it’s true! High is at 16.12hrs on a 5.1m (hour added on) 

As for our Opening Times, 

Today we close at 5.30pm

Sun drenched Saturday we are here 9.30 – 5.30pm.

Super Sunday 10.00am  - 4.00pm (oh joy..) 

Happy Monday 10.00am – 4.00pm 

And that is it from me for Winter 2023 / 24 ,  as next week’s ramble will be a sun bursting, heat sweltering Summer Edition! Perhaps in my dreams, as at the mo it is likely to be all about strong winds and rain.. check the forecast. And on that cheery note, we hope your Easter goes well and perhaps this would be a good time for a ‘God like Being’ to turn up and sort out all of the issues in OUR World, as it seems a few think they can do what they like with it… bring back Crucifixion! Only kidding.. off to get the eggs.