Feb's arrived, Dave's surprised and a Dyno 95 arrives.

Feb's arrived, Dave's surprised and a Dyno 95 arrives.

The week that was has gone and the weekend that follows is finally here.. if only life was just as straight forward! World events are crazy and you just hope that people can be rational and stop short of pushing us all over the brink, especially before the weekend. Say a little prayer.. it can’t hurt.  

 Recently it would seem that a forecast of solid wind for the coming week is placed by those who know but then rarely lives up to the expectation. The week just gone should have been windy city for our area but the delivery was not quite as expected. Saying that, foils have been out today, so the 16 -20kts that we did receive was gratefully accepted and not wasted. But never fear, as next week is now forecast to be windy city! Another brief one this week,  as the time to write a longer one has eluded me..

Working weekends and Bank Holidays since 1994 has been a bit of a slog but one thing that has been wonderful about spending all hours in a toy shop, is that you get to meet a large number of people. As many years have now passed we have met so many people that I am no longer amazed when I am in the oddest of places, yet still manage to bump into a customer. Yesterday was one of those moments.  A friend of many years, who I will call Chris, suffered a stroke just before Christmas (he had no idea that ‘it’ had happened.. just loss the use of limbs etc... not at all like the burning hole in your head advert) but as he has made good progress, we, myself and two other friends that have frequented many motorbike shows over the years with Chris, thought a day out at the Brooklands Motor Museum would do him good. Not so sure he enjoyed the wheel chair rides but overall, it went well.  So, as we commence the walk through the first of many exhibits, who do I turn around and notice behind us but Big Dave from Ware!  I think he was a tad surprised to bump into me but at least he remembered my name. Really rather embarrassing, as  I never forget a face but I cannot always instantly put a name to it, so sometimes I do have to ask!  Dave, who is a windsurfer amongst other things, has been a visitor to Shoreham and a customer of the shop for as long as I can remember and he’s a lovely chap with a great sense of humour (you need one when you drive down from Ware, only to find the wind is not as per the forecast!). He apparently visits Brooklands quite regularly, as there’s always something going on and plenty to see, time and time again. It’s a museum of British ingenuity and engineering, quite an amazing collection if you have never been. Anyway,  Dave mentioned that he is heading off to South America (Patagonia region I think) to take part in a two-week motorbike trek, so I am not talking to him now..  but if anyone has a 115lt free wave they are thinking of moving on, please let me know as Dave might be interested on his return. I knew there was a reason I mentioned all of that!  Now, talking of used boards.. 

 A Dyno 95lt Mk3 has been traded in this week (against a Kode 95 FreeWave in Wood). It’s in very good condition with only a few stone chips on the rails and a rub on the nose but no visible sign of any repairs. The fins are in great condition, as are the footstraps and it has a new fourth footstrap plus the Severne Allen Key, that is used for the footstraps screws and the fin fitment. I think it is only a year old, so worth a look, if you are thinking of spending around £1075.00 ono on a board. It’s listed on the new website and there is a link to the Windsurf Test, should you wish to see what they said.  Click Here to go to the listing!

Ok, onto the weekends weather and tide times.

Saturday, wind is from the Sou’West’West and runs at 12-19kts all the day longo. No rain mentioned and a top temp of 10°C should make it feel quite pleasant. Tide is High at 16.16hrs on a 4.9m, so Shoreham will be best from Low to around 13.30hrs. Beware the Neap, as it digs a trench and you tend to step into it when launching and landing! 

Sunday, the wind is more Sou’West and ranges from 15-26kt, again all day. This leads into Monday and then builds for the crescendo on Tuesday, currently shown as Sou’West 20-35kt.

Once again, no rain and the temp hanging in there at a glorious 10°C. Tide is High at 17.29hrs on a tiny 4.6m… the trench could be ‘interesting’. 

And that is it for this week. We are here tomorrow 9.30 to 5.30pm and I am in on Sunday, 10-1.00pm, as James is visiting Bosnia next week, to check out the ski-ing in Jahorina.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and may the world be a happy place. Ta ‘ta.