Hares are Mad, Don't use the 'R' Word, Mystic and North New plus the FBC V2 !

Hares are Mad, Don't use the 'R' Word, Mystic and North New plus the FBC V2 !

Well, March is here and although we associate this month with the Hare, it’s also officially the first day of Spring today and St. David’s day as well..  I do hope the Hares have learnt to swim, as still it rains and rains and rains. After this winter’s weather record, what else could we expect as we start another Weekend of 2024.

I guess most of you have also had enough of getting wet, so no more mention of Rain tonight! Brief and to the point this evening, as it’s been a long day and keyboards are almost as tedious as the weather (I did not say the ‘R word!). 

Nik Green, of Mystic Wetsuits and North Sails, dropped by the shop today (does not seem like 6 months since we last saw him) to give us the low down on what’s new from Mystic for the coming winter (still trying to escape this one, let alone plan for the next!). They have a whole new range of suits on the way, with one in particular that is likely to gain a lot of interest when launched in the Autumn (that’s all I can say about that..). What we can  say is that overall, the suit quality throughout the new range is Up and unlike many other things you purchase at the mo (like Insurance for one) the prices are Not.. no big increases for 2024/25. Nik also introduced us to the 2024 North Clear Wave sail, which is no longer carbon grey and now sports the new North Sails or should we say ‘North Sports’ logo, as one logo will cover wind through kite and wing and even onto the Big Boats of the America’s Cup. Shame to see the old logo go but it makes sense, as having ‘sails’ in the name does not work for all sports (North ‘sales’ could work..). The 2024 Clear Waves are due out shortly and if you decided to hunt on the web, you would be able to find pictures. Forgive me for not passing on links but as there is nothing on North’s own website as yet, we do not want to put our foot in it and mess up anything regarding the launch… been there, done that! Due to the new sails imminent launch, we have a current 4.2m and 5.3m to ‘clear’, as well as a demo 4.7m (in VGC) should you like to have a set. Prices on the website are the current RRP but Contact us if you are interested. 


FBC have just launched their new Wing Foil Travel bag. Main difference for the V2 is that it now enables the use of wheels, which some people insist they need. You can see a good Video overview of the V2 bag on our website page. Prices for the bag, available in four sizes, start at £199.00 and you can now have it in their RAD colourway. https://www.surfladle.com/fbc-travel-bag-v2

Other manufacturers are launching ‘New Product’ in the next few weeks, so March is set to be a busy month.. not forgetting Mother’s Day on Sunday 10th  and Easter Weekend, which is from the 29th to the 1st April. I do hope the ‘R’ has stopped by then!

A quick mention of Kite and Wing repairs… if you know that your repaired item from Chris at Sore is back with us, please can you collect as soon as possible. I only mention this as we have a large box here with some that have been ‘stored’ for almost 3 months. We add nothing to the cost of Chris’s repairs to cover the sending of etc. but if we end up having to store them for a long period, we are now considering a charge similar to that of a ‘ Care Home’. If you have no idea about that.. check out their weekly rates. 

Now for the ever-popular weekend Weather and Tide Times.

Two forecasts for Saturday.. Guru kicks off with strong Southerly winds 24-38kts, which at this time of year you would hope would bring a temperature in the 10C region but due to the sea temperature it’s closer to 7C. With it comes more ‘R’ which should stop around 3pm, when they say the wind switches to the Sou’West and drops back to 17-24kt. The Met agree with the early morning onshore stronger winds but think the switch to Sou’West will take place at 10am and the wind strength will slowly dissipate to 10-16kt by dusk. They think the ‘R’ will turn to showers by midday and stop around 2pm. Whatever happens with the wind and rain, the Tide hits High at 14.50hrs on a 5.4m, so Wind and Kite out ‘seaside’ in the morning and then the Wings on the estuary during the afternoon. Sup and Surf in the harbour mouth, on the push.  

Sunday is a far calmer day, with Guru and the Met appearing to agree. Nor’ West winds start the day off 4 -7kt but by midday it comes around to the West ’Sou’West and increases to 8-14kt. No ‘R’ mentioned and a top temp of 9C is possible! Tide is High at 15.35hrs on a 5m. Could be a nicer day for those who are desperate for a SUP. 

And that’s it. James is heading off for a ski trip in the Spanish Pyrenees this Sunday (he recently visited a Bosnian resort, should anybody be looking for first hand info on what it’s like ) so please be patient if you arrive at the shop next week and find me busy with people.. will get to you as quickly as I can! 

Have a great weekend and if you should see any Mad March Hares, do tell them that the ‘R’ should stop soon, it might make them less Mad!