Having a Laugh, Riding a Bore, Duotone clean up and Equinoxes as well!

Having a Laugh, Riding a Bore, Duotone clean up and Equinoxes as well!

 Red Nose or Comic Relief Friday is here, so the year is back on track and Easter looms up next, but for now, let’s just laugh a little and enjoy the weekend! 

 I did not see one Red Nosed vehicle on the way in, so it’s not going to be an ‘unmissable day’ as it has been in the past but we hope the fundraising is better than ever, as they do good work for so many people. If you are feeling in the mood to give a little, these are the Text numbers you can donate via (type YES and then use the call number for the amount you want to donate)  or you can do it ‘online’ at the Comic Relief website, for donation amounts that are ongoing or above the below. 

Please do ask the Bill Payers permission before using their phone!   T&C Apply. https://donation.comicrelief.com/cart/1YsYOwm2pHZgBUhWr8ZL13



YES                  70205           £5                            

YES                  70210           £10           

YES                  70220           £20   

YES                  70230           £30


The weeks weather has been better overall and today’s wind, which is or rather was, 22kt from the Sou’West and a 12°C air temp, is far more like the weather we hope for during the latter part of March as the Spring Equinox approaches, which apparently takes place this coming Wednesday the 20th at 3.06am.  I hope you will all be up to see.. errr..’feel it’!  

The weekend’s forecast is not quite as rosy but it’s not all bad and should give us something to at least smile about. Something else that always makes us smile is a good old bore! 

 The River Severn Bore occurred last Tuesday morning and it was classed as a Five Star, the first since 2019 that has occurred during daylight hours and the only one that will occur in 2024. The rideable bores happen when larger Spring Tides occur, which are during the Spring and Autumn equinox. There are approximately 250 bores a year, so Tuesdays was rather special and attended by many surfers, as well as many others on many types of water craft. It’s one for the bucket list, although the water colour has never looked that inviting!  No pics I'm afraid as Copyright infringement is not worth the cost! 

 There was a very noticeable change in the Shoreham estuary (which does have the occasional Bore) during the exceptionally low tide of Monday evening.  The 6.8m High Tide that occurred during the early hours of Tuesday morning created a lack of water at the harbour entrance and the river was so low just around the corner from the entrance, that I’m pretty sure you could have walked across at the point where I videoed (yes, another shaky vid clip which I will load up on Facebook.. click here) but only if you were willing to risk the mud! The shallowness in the river is possibly also due to silting up, as a lot of ‘residues’ must have been washed down the Adur during the last 6 months.  And yet another thing of note..  which was how far out the Environment Agency appear to have extended the beach at the Harbour Arm. It’s been a few years since the end of the shingle was closer to the sea end of the Arm rather than the land and I do feel a little embarrassed that I managed to miss this change taking place.  Over the winter I do an occasional Monday evening stroll around the beach after closing up, just to see what’s happening with Beach Life but this winter has been so friggin wet that last Monday was the first time this year it was dry enough to go! Anyhow, worth a trip up the boardwalk to have a look, if you’ve not been that way for a while.

 Duotone launched their new 2024 range of Foiling Wings this week and one of note is their Slick Concept Blue, which is trying to make our watersports products a little more environmentally friendly.  Most companies have been reducing the amount of screen printing they use over the years (generally it’s a messy chemical ridden process, harmful to both workers and environment alike) but there is still a lot that can be done, as was,  in changing paints from oil to water based. That particular change did bring with it easily chipped paintwork and flaky graphics on the boards we all use but better to be ‘clean’ and any further changes to the materials used that can limit damage to dear old Mother Earth and Mother Water, has to be worth it! 

We don’t have any more info than this at the moment, so I have enquired re. the availability and pricing for the Slick Concept Blue and will update as soon as we know. For more Tech Info https://www.duotonesports.com/en/products/duotone-slick-concept-blue-2024-42240-3530

 It’s been another day here on my own (James returns on Monday) and as it’s getting late,  it must be time for the weekends weather!

Saturday, if Windguru are correct,  the wind will not be playing ball unless you are hoping for a Sou’East 7-11kt breeze.  On a brighter note, they also say rain is not arriving until late into the evening but we can only expect a daytime temp of around 9°C. The Met are being far more positive, particularly if you would like a stronger breeze, as they think 9-17kts is possible and no rain at all, at any point on Saturday, but do agree that 9-10°C is our best temp. Whatever the weather, the Tide hits High at 15.25hrs on a 5.5m and..  the Six Nations Rugby coverage starts at 2.15pm and finishes around 10.30pm.

 Sunday is looking better, if you survived Saturday night. Guru say 9-16kt Sou’West with a temp of 12°C and a small chance of a rain shower late afternoon. The Met say rain first thing but it should pack up at around 9am and then they feel confident of a Sou’West 11-21kt wind all day and possibly temps as high as 13°C. Tide hits High at 16.21hrs on a 4.9m. 

So, it’s looking warmer at least and that should be around for most of next week.. until we get closer to the following weekend. Not to worry, as long as Easter is Nice!

 Ands that’s it for this week. I trust your Equinox will be enjoyable, I’m here tomorrow from 9.30am should you have any needs and I do hope that your Friday evening is a good one, as will be your weekend ( if you are heading to a public house to watch the Rugby on Saturday, pace yourself!). 

Cheers All!