It's an evening of Links and Offers.. and an Aussie catastrophe.

It's an evening of Links and Offers.. and an Aussie catastrophe.

Friday night has arrived, after a very quiet day compared to the original ‘exciting’ forecast earlier in the week but a few people did get out for a quick sail, whilst the wind was there. Anyhow, tomorrow’s forecast means that we now have a wet and windy Weekend!

A quickie this evening, as the week has been a little bit quiet on news and really not sure what there is to ramble on about, but I will give it a go.

F-One have a pre-Christmas Offer on..  and on the list are their Strike V3 Wings. The offer will give You a 20% discount off of the RRP, which you can check on our website (sure you can do the maths)

The offer also covers the CWC light wind wings in 6m- 7m - 8m sizes (agghh.. just noticed they are not on our site as yet!) which RRP at £1244.00 - £1294 £1344, so a 20% saving on those prices is a must! Numbers are limited so do not delay. There are also kites and Rocket boards ‘on the list’, so please call us if you are interested as we don’t have time to list them all. These are all to order and the delivery time is pretty much next day.

To coincide with this,  if you are interested in the latest Ensis Score wings..  or even one of their Limited Edition 5.2m Wings..

we will match the 20% discount off of the stock we have in store.. Happy Christmas! (Call us if you require Mail Order please).

I mentioned the Dirty Dog Snow goggles last week and we had high interest in the Mutant 05 model, as the frame size is Medium, hence it’s a perfect fit for ladies, youngsters or anyone with a narrower face. I say interest, as we couldn’t supply everyone that enquired but we now have six more pairs in three colour ways, if you are one of the people interested!

I posted the sit on kayak video earlier today (Facebook.. ) and while I was looking at the info sent by RTM , I noticed a rather disturbing video from a guy that rafts the great rivers in Australia, except for this particular river is not so great nowadays. It’s been out for a while so apologies if this is old news for you but I thought it was one that should be ‘put out there’.. what a mess we make’eh.

Lots of links tonight.. here is the final one and it's all about Dry Bags! If you are looking for a dry bag for any occasion, perhaps even Christmas.. then YAK (the canoeing side of the infamous Crewsaver company) have a Winter selection for you to choose from. 

You will of course get your 10% discount when collecting from the shop!

And now the weekends weather and tide times..

Saturday, kicks off with a lot of wet stuff falling from the sky and a strong Southerly wind 27kt gusting 37kt. At around 11pm it’s forecast to swing Sou’West and rainfall should ease. At around 1pm it should swing further and become Westerly and decrease slightly by a couple of knots. No rain shown for the late afternoon. Tide is High at 08.20hrs on a 5.4m , so Low is at 14.25hrs.. which is perfect for Shoreham.

Now get this.. Temp is said to be 12°C!

Sunday’s wind is currently forecast to be Sou’Sou’ West 19 - 32kt with showers around midday but I would check that on Saturday evening. Tide is High at 08.58hrs on a 5.6m, so again, a good day for Shoreham.

Only 11°C though….

And that is that. This now on the new website if you prefer not to read it on Facebook.

Please forgive any typos and I hope everyone has a great weekend and that the rainfall does not ruin your two days off.. it’s only water!