Rain Hate, Dinghy Shows and another RRD Cult

Rain Hate, Dinghy Shows and another RRD Cult

What?.. is that really another week under the table? Well, the weekend can never come soon enough, so let’s get on with it. 

Every week since the clocks went back, I think I may have made mention of the week’s weather and this week will be no different. I know it has been windy, which is great but is anyone else getting just a little fed up with the rain, which seems to be every other day at best. One of my neighbours has been trying to dig the footings for a Wet Room extension but they keep filling with water as quickly as he can drain them. It could be that he’ll have to use the Roman concrete that sets under water. To make matters worse, you don’t get much help on the subject from the weather people, as even when the forecasts say ‘it’s going to be nice’ it rains anyhow, which screws up yet another day (as per last Tuesday, another day off that was not ‘dry’). It’s all becoming slightly frustrating and even though moaning won’t help, I just need to get it off my chest!

We were recently asked “did you know” how long the transfer of shingle from the harbour entrance end of Shoreham Beach to Lancing Beach, is likely to take? This is due to Lancing having lost a lot of shingle during the storms over the last year. Normally they move the shingle from Shoreham around to the Eastern side of the Harbour mouth, which has been going on since Victorian times, so shingle shoving is a normal local event. After a hunt for news on the web, which you would think would be available, all we could say is that it’s ongoing. An information sign as you enter the beach suggests that it will continue into March but I am not sure if that is accurate. Does anyone have Environment Agency Insider Information, as we do like to say “Yes we do” when we are asked questions?  

This weekend sees the RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show take place and it is once again being held at the Farnborough Exhibition and Conference Centre, so not a million miles away. The show will have wind and paddle sport exhibitors, as well as the latest foiling kit for you to view and chat about, with those company Reps who will know the product inside and out. If the exhibitors list is correct, some of the big names in our end of the water sports world will not be present and for what reason I am not sure, as this is now one of the largest Watersports shows in the UK and you would have thought that it would have been a must for any of the larger suppliers to exhibit at. I will be interested to hear any feedback on the show, should you manage to go along. Tickets for Adults are £14.00 so not a bank breaker and you can find out more and book tickets on the RYA Show site.. https://ryadinghyshow.seetickets.com/event/rya-dinghy-watersports-show/farnborough-int-exhibition-centre/2805132

I mentioned that a customer was looking for an RRD Wave Cult 104 a few days ago and because of that, a customer who has a 90lt version up for sale has asked if I can mention his board. It’s a 2017 Wave Cult 90lt Ltd, which has the original set of MFC thruster fins  (TF 180 centre and 2 x 11cm sides). He also has a K4 22cm centre which can be purchased as an extra. He says that the board is in good condition but has had one small professional repair to one of the rails (as per the pic). The board can be viewed in Seaford but I am sure Paul will be happy to meet up somewhere, if it helps. Price wise, he is looking for around the £300.00 mark. Let us know if you are interested and we will put you in touch with Paul (the board is also on Marketplace, so you can contact him via messenger). 

That’s about all I have time for this evening and sorry that there is nothing ‘scandalous or exciting’ going on at the moment.. apart from the next item which is the weekend’s weather and the High Tide times.

Saturday was looking dry earlier today on the Met forecast but now I see that they have rain possible from 11am through to about 3pm. Wind is from the South in the morning 6-11kts and then backs to Sou’Sou’West 4-8kts during the afternoon (may go Nor’West for a short period around 3pm, after the rain showers move through). Air temp is given as 7°C and the High Tide is at 11.33hrs on a 5.8m, so river paddling is a possibility, if the air temp does not put you off. There may be a tiny swell due to the onshore wind but we will see if that is true tomorrow morning.

Sunday is looking to be another wet day although a brief period of dry should occur up to midday, when the wet stuff kicks in for the rest of the day.. or so they currently say!  Wind will be Sou’East 14-25kt up until midday, when it is forecast to go to the East 15-27kt. Air temp again around 7°C, so Palmless mitts and head gear will be required for those who are venturing out on the Devils tack (Port Tack, wind from the left). High Tide is at 12.05hrs on a 5.9m.

And that’s it for another week. I hope everyone’s weekend plan is looking good and that your sense of humour holds, should the weather muck up the plan. 

As someone once said, ‘It never rains but it pours’. They must have been a local!