Week 17 and no change, but Used Changes, Rubber Delights and JC spills the beans!

Week 17 and no change, but Used Changes, Rubber Delights and JC spills the beans!

There goes week number 17 of 2024 and still the weather pattern, which started off in December 2023, continues.. you can have wet or you can have cold! Ah well, at least we have made it through to another weekend.

A couple of changes to our Used Windsurf boards listing to note. We have added a Hardcore Wave RRD 78lt V5, which is in GC and at a VG price, plus a price reduction on the F2 Rave 96 Freewave, now at £595.00 with a bag (it’s as new.. the board and the bag!). Both of these deserve a new home and being out on the water, to bring ‘pleasure’ to a new owner.  https://www.surfladle.com/boards/used-boards

As the weather has made trade a little quieter than normal,  we’ve had a bit of a ‘box rummage’ and have found rubberwear that now needs to go, so we thought we’d have a Locals Sale before it goes onto the website or marketplace. For the guys, we have a selection of  ION 5/3mm wetsuits, ranging from Elements through to Seeks and one Quantum, now all on offer at £99.00! In Front Zip we have sizes S/48, M/50, L/52 ,XL54 and then in Back Zip we have 48/S, 102/LT (Large Tall) and a 58/XXXL. At £99.00 you will get a bargain! There are others, so if you do come along and none of those I’ve mentioned fit, we should be able to find something you will be happy with!

And for the ladies we have found a selection of 5/3mm Neil Pryde single lined wetsuits (rubber on the outside, which stops wind chill), now all at £40.00! Sizes are 10/38 -12/40 – and a 12/40 Tall.  There’s also a Spartan Dry Zip 6/5/4mm in size 12/40  ( no idea how we ended up keeping one of those) which is at £50.00 and also a Neil Pryde Serene F-Zip 5/3mm, which is a lovely suit, at £99.00. Never say No to a bargain.. (if you are reading the website Blog then use this link to see the pics of the suits on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Surfladle/ )

Keeping it to the minimum this week, as I really don’t wish to bore people (Jim..) and it seems that time flies on a Friday, more than any other! So, it’s straight into the weekend weather forecast and the tide times.

Saturday, will be a lovely day.. but only if you like 8-13kt East swinging to Sou’East winds, with a top temp of 11°C and rain arriving mid-afternoon. The tide hits High at 13.59hrs on a 5.9m, so it should be good for river paddlers (wrong wind direction for Wing). Water temperature is currently 10.7°C so about average for the time of the year, whereas the air temp (8°C in late April.. pah!)  is definitely NOT! 

Sunday, all change! Wind will be from the South 17-24kt early morning and then at around 8am will swing to the West and stay around 15-24kt but could drop back to 14-20kt during the High Tide period, which is at 14.34hrs on a 5.7m. Rain showers predicted until late morning but apart from that, it looks to be dry.

And just as a quick note, the Windsurf Mag is now out and for all of you that liked sailing or winging the shingle bar at Pagham, be ready for an influx of others joining you, as there’s a John Carter article on it.

Bill Dawes did the same many years ago in Boards Mag and that eventually caused the car park on the beach to be closed (said to be due to too many vehicles overflowing onto the resident’s private road). Some may say ‘the more the merrier’ but at times it is wise to remember an older saying.. If you ever find Paradise, don’t tell anyone else about it! 

Have a great last weekend of April!