FBC Foil Anti Corrosion Gel

FBC Foil Anti Corrosion Gel

Need to anti-seize your foil bolts? FBC have just launched their latest foiling product, which is FBC Anti-seize Gel. Not exactly sure what is in the tubes as it does not say ( a secret compound..) but they do say it will prevent seizure / corroding between routine foil strip downs and also decrease the chance of bolts loosening while the foil is being used. All of this you can have at a very reasonable cost.. £9.90 a tube, which is cheap for marine anti-seize! In stock at the shop now. FBC say..

Tailored for foils, the FBC Anti-Corrosion Gel is meticulously crafted to minimise the risk of bolts seizing in your wing foils. In collaboration with a renowned UK manufacturer, we've developed a specialised formula that not only guards against galvanic corrosion but also facilitates smooth movement of bolts. Enhancing the bolts' grip, we've incorporated a lock-tight ingredient, ensuring that once secured, your bolts remain steadfast. However, when the time comes for adjustments, rest assured, they'll release effortlessly. Safeguard your wing foils with our cutting-edge Anti-Corrosion Gel, providing both protection and flexibility.

*Sold in 20ml tubes

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