FBC Wing Waist Belt with Leash

FBC Wing Waist Belt with Leash

The FBC Wing Foiling Waist Leash is a real swiss army pen knife. It can be used in a multitude of ways for wing foiling depending on how the rider wants to set it up. As well as the versatility of this wing foil waist belt/leash one of the main benefits is the ability to swim with your wing. Having your wing foil leash attached to your waist frees up your arms allowing you to easily swim through surf lines etc. Sometimes it is the simple ideas that make all the difference.


Available in two waist belt sizes: S/M covers 24"-36", L/XL covers 36" - 44"

- 40mm webbing strap with a soft neoprene outer covering.

- HD Buckle on the front with adjustable sizing.

- Dyneema fixing loops on both the left and right hip.

- Harness line style rear loop allowing you to fix either the wing leash or a board leash to.

- Supplied with a swivel Carabiner with safety lock. 

- Hollow core Dyneema leash with high density stranded elastic core = FBC's ANTI SNATCH Leash technology.

- Twin safety feature. A loop around the lashing point on leading edge AND secondary loop around leading edge handle. 

- Combined leash/strap package that work in harmony with each other.

* For a video on how to setup the twin safety feature please visit the FBC website (www.foilboardcompany.com)

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