Windsurfing Fins

K4 3SW

The 3SW use an exclusive new material that offers better performance and an enhanced rider experience.The 3SW is a moderately swept back design in siz... view details

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K4 Fang

Our Super Stiff material was made for the Fang. A fast and efficient foil for speed and upwind performance combined with a perfect flex character to a... view details

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K4 Scorcher

The Scorcher! As used by RRD on their Wave CULT boards (wood construction).Please Note. PRICE IS FOR A SINGLE FIN, so ADD QTY if You Need a Pair pleas... view details

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K4 Stubby Fins

K4 Stubby. The Multi Fin Wave board Fin Range for the heavier sailor or for better Upwind performance.Our stiffer and larger area line of fins for rid... view details

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MFC Freeride

HF Ride. A new Freeride fin. Blistering speed coupled with easy maneuverability and a comfortable ride, the MFC HF Freeride is an all-new design evolv... view details

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MFC Freewave

MFC Freewave fins are used by many board companies as their OEM fin. MFC say..The new freewave has been updated with a straight leading edge for the f... view details

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Severne Fins

Wave series fins (Slot Box)  as fitted to Pyro, Nano etc. as shown in Image 1.

Free Style Wave fins (Powerbox) as shown in Image  3.


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