Marlow Formuline & Formula X, Kingfisher Windtech , Chinook 4mm Ropes

Marlow Formuline & Formula X, Kingfisher Windtech , Chinook 4mm Ropes

Formuline is a 12 strand tightly braided Dyneema optimised for durability & abrasion resistance. Formuline has been specifically designed as a downhaul & outhaul on high performance windsurf rigs. Available in White or Marble.

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Formula X is the same basic construction as Formuline but has a normal 8 plait finish ( not as smooth as Formuline) which makes it perfect for those that want a very tough rope but one which you can grip by hand.

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Windtech is a Grey 3.8mm Dyneema 8 plait rope from Kingfisher that is designed especially for windsurfing.. It is basically a plaited Dyneema (as per Formula X ) which gives 'grip' if used with *ratchet extensions or by hand (Formuline's finish is so slippery to grip). Grey in colour and wire like in texture. Super tough.

*Not advised for use with the Mk2 Duotone PXT. They require a 4.2mm version. 

Features. Low Friction - High Strength

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Chinook 4mm . As supplied with all Chinook products. This is a very stiff 4mm rope with good wear characteristics. We have found that it works reasonably well on the North Power XT extensions, as an alternative rope if the original is not available..

Price is for 1 metre.

Formuline £3.25 

Formuline Marble £3.25

Formula X £3.25

Windtech £3.45

Chinook £2.20

Note. If you love Formuline's longevity and the way it reduces down and outhaul friction but find that the Formula X is too far the other way, take a look at Windtech Rope from Kingfisher as this is half way between the two.


Formuline is a low friction rope that makes the rigging of high tension downhaul/outhaul sails a lot easier. It also has a very low stretch factor. Unlike a plaited rope, as per Formula X, this covered core type will break without a visual warning, so changing it after a fair amount of use is advised.

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